The City Needs Sound Judgment, Good Common Sense, and Fiscal Responsibility!

We should not raise taxes to make ends meet when so many citizens have had a cut in pay or no job.

The city must cut their expenses, prioritize needs over wants, live within its means, and not become a burden to its citizens.

We must end the years of overspending and taxing to the max.

Thriving business will allow us to cut back on taxing families!

City policies should encourage both small and large businesses to stay and grow.

The city of Lynnwood needs to be a place where citizens desire to live, work, and play.

As a lifetime Lynnwood resident and small businessman, Michael Moore is running for City Council Position 1 and appreciates your vote!

Lynnwood City Counsel Position 1

Public Safety

  • I know as the city faces financial short fall, I will fight to support funding for Police and Fire to ensure our safety and
  • Stop Taxing To The Max
  • Lynnwood city has added:
  • Utility Taxes
  • Car tab tax of an additional $20.00
  • Taxes to home & cell
  • Michael Moore...
  • a lifelong resident of Lynnwood, believes PEOPLE are a city's greatest asset.
  • It is time for the city of Lynnwood
  • To live within its means
  • To prioritize needs over.
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